“You have to be a certain style to grow.”

“You have to have a certain style of music, preaching, and advertising.”

This a major misconception in the church, and it needs to be put to rest.

Think about the restaurants in your community. You may think of a major chain like McDonald’s, Olive Garden, or Ruth’s Chris.  Or, you may think of that great local restaurant that is only in your town.  There are several different ways I can tie this together, but the main point that I want to make is that there isn’t one certain restaurant that fits the need for everyone.  We need food to survive, but Olive Garden will not fill that need for the entire community.

But you do have to do a few things:

  1. Know the need exists- Check this off your list. The need does exist. There will always be a need to reach the unchurched and make disciples.
  2. Have a very thorough strategy for assimilation and marketing.
  3. Have structure in place and optimize as time goes on.
  4. Make every interaction a positive experience.
  5. Lead people, don’t manage them. This applies to volunteers and staff members.

The gospel doesn’t change, and the message of Christ and salvation doesn’t change. However, styles will vary, and many times they will vary because of tradition, personality, and personal preference.  That’s not something we like to talk about, because we think our church can reach everyone.

You don’t have to have a 100-voice choir to grow; you don’t have to play the latest top 40 song.  Here’s the takeaway:

The ideal church is one that is fulfilling the great commission, reaching people with the message of salvation, making disciples, and creating a place of corporate worship. That’s our objective.

You are on a mission to reach your community for Jesus. That’s our mission also!

Digital marketing takes a lot of effort. You want to do it well.