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How to Thrive On Social Media to Grow Your Church Online


Proven Tips, Advice, and 3 Focus Areas to Be Successful on Social Media


/// This coming Wednesday at 2pm EST / 11am PT

Space Is Very Limited. Don’t Miss Out.

Live Training By Andrew Spikes
CEO at ChurchMarketing.is

You Will Learn:

  • A proven mathematical formula to maximize your exposure (without boosting posts)

  • How to build a strategy that works specifically for your church

  • How social media fits within your online church growth strategy

  • How to win with Facebook’s algorithm

  • The primary metrics to improve your social media

  • How to balance “engagement” vs “excellence”

  • When to use Facebook Pages vs Facebook Groups

  • How to leverage hashtags the right way to grow your church.

Why Are We Doing This?

Churches today are at a crossroads. Online fatigue is setting in. Weekend online services are dwindling. In-person services are in constant chaos.

Bottom line: Ministry leaders are having to lead and pastor their people online. Local churches MUST shift their thinking and understand that the online church setting is LONG-TERM, not SHORT-TERM.

We will definitely be attending church in-person in the near future. However, churches that thrive online today will make the biggest leap forward in quantitative and qualitative growth for their church.

Space Is Very Limited. Don’t Miss Out.