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we have the team and formula to deliver through Facebook Advertising management

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Facebook & Instagram Advertising

With a fully-dedicated PPC marketing team, we plan, produce, and optimize Social Media ads to generated interest in your brand drive them to purchase from you. Whether its generating new leads, increasing customer retention or raising awareness, we are able to deliver cost-effectively based on our proprietary audience-first approach and best-in-class technology.

Let’s Ground the Terminology:

We’re talking about managing and optimizing paid ads on Facebook & Instagram. This is different from our other Full-Service Social Media management service where we manage and post content to your social media pages.
Sometimes referred to as: •Paid Social •PPC (Pay-Per-Click)

Why Social Media Advertising?

• Your customers are on social media. According to Statistica 70% of the U.S. population has at least 1 social media profile. • The CPM (cost per thousand impressions) on social media can be as low as $2.50. This is 3x less expensive than advertising through traditional mediums. • Your competition is on Social Media. Feel free to do a quick search on Facebook, and you’ll see. • Facebook and Instagram Advertising allows you to find your ideal customer cost effeciently and only Facebook pay when you hit that exact customer.

We have the formulas that allow you to compete against your largest competitors.

Your customers are finding your ideal customers. Facebook Advertising + our team allows you to compete with all of your competitors. Yes, even your largest competitors.

How Does It Work?


1. We help you clarify your strategy

It starts with the business objectives

2. We help you identify your ideal customer

Identifying your personas allow us to use hyper-targeted prospecting tactics

3. We build a test plan to reduce your risk to capital to see what works and what doesn't

Every business is different. To control your cost, we start with small tests to get data-points that will scale

4. We'll make sure you had graphics

You may have creative assets already on hand. If not, we can help you there too by creating them for you

5. We'll go live!

We will build out an extensive list of campaigns and ad sets with the best ingredients and settings. Then, we’ll press “ON”

6. Reporting, Collaboration, and Optimization

We’ll provide on-going reporting (online or through email) and provide our optimization steps to drive more value

We reduce the barriers and cost to bring you more customers

Facebook Advertising can be daunting and complicated. We take the guesswork out of Facebook Ads and allow you to focus on closing the business we’re bringing you.

Cut down on cost wastage and reinvest into the marketing tactic to drive more customers

We believe that Facebook Ads should drive revenue and profit. We focus on those tactics instead of other fluffy metrics the other guys use.

We Track Everything and Provide Action-Based Insights

It’s not just about looking at data; it’s about finding the right data that we can move the needle on. Being data-driven is at the core of everything we do, and we are now sharing those insights and learnings with you.
Do more with your time and money. Let us give you both with our Social Media Advertising Management

You Get:

A Dedicated Success Manager

Your success is our success. That’s why we pair you with one of our high-performing Success Managers to ensure that we are meeting your goals, delivering results, and providing you with white-glove support.

A customized social advertising plan focused on specific audiences

It starts with a plan.  Our team will construct a thorough plan and roadmap for how we drive you more leads.

Customized Ad Messaging

We methodically test and optimize every element of our ad texts from the headline to the display URL.  We’re in constant pursuit of giving you more leads and revenue for your investment.

Daily bid-optimization

Using both manual and automated bid-optimization techniques, we have people in your account constantly reviewing your performance to get cost-efficient clicks.

On-Going Reporting and Insights

You need to see where your dollars are going and what they are driving.  We’ll also provide insights were applicable to improve your value proposition.

REach More.
Accomplish More.
Stress Less.


We can give your potential visitors an effective and impactful first impression to gain more in-person and online visitors. 

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