Marketing Strategy Pack

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The 360-Degree Marketing Strategy

Find your Strengths and Weakness: The Real SWOT – Part 1

Find your Opportunities and Threats: The Real SWOT – Part 2

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Have you ever wondered if your church or ministry is on the right track for growth?  If so, then this strategy pack is for you! This strategy pack is jammed with step-by-step guides and lessons to put your church on the right track.  Your church needs to have a blueprint for where you are going.  No matter the size, every church has an opportunity to improve, and it always starts with a strategy.  We have used these lessons and resources with the fastest-growing churches in the country, and now we are offering them to you at a discounted rate.  Learn to be proactive with your strategy and not reactive.

  • 360-Degree Assimilation Strategy Lesson
  • Ministry SWOT Part 1 – Internal Strengths & Weaknesses Lesson
  • Ministry SWOT Part 2 – External Opportunities & Threats Lesson
  • Church Attender Personas Template
  • First Impression – Qualitative Exploration Survey
  • Internal Strengths & Weaknesses Template
  • External Opportunities & Threats Template
  • TOWS Matrix Template
  • SWOT & TOWS Blank Template
  • 30-90-365 Day Improvement Plan for SWOT Analysis