My Church Marketing Director Overview


Efficient. Effective. Guaranteed. 



You’ll spend less time and money on guessing what works and what doesn’t.


You’ll spend more time focusing on discipleship and preparing for your weekly services.


You’ll be more intentional and strategic about reaching people.


You’ll reach more people than you did in the last 12 months.



What you get…

CMi - Mar. Dir. Concierge2


Weekly coaching and collaboration with your Marketing Director and other churches in your area.

CMi - Monthly Modules2


Monthly Strategic Modules with in-depth lessons, tactics, HOW-TOs, and most importantly the “Why?”.

CMi - Local Market Data2


Insightful Infographic, Psychographic, proprietary Theolographic from the Barna Group.

CMi Done-For-You Amenities2


Real Examples, Step-by-Step Guidelines, and Done-for-You Surveys, Project Brief Outlines, Social Media Posts, and Blog Outlines.



The Monthly Modules:

Easy-to-understand, Easy-to-implement, & Proven.

Module 1
The 360-Degree Marketing Strategy

Module 2
Find your Strengths and Weakness: The Real SWOT – Part 1

Module 3
Find your Opportunities and Threats: The Real SWOT – Part 2

Module 4
Get to Know your Community: Get local demographic data and Barna Group’s proprietary theolographic® data

Module 5
Where’s the Drain: A proven Assimilation Strategy

Module 6
Your Brand Band: What do people think of when they hear the name of your church?

Module 7
The BIG one: My Church Marketing Plan

Module 8
Quantitative vs. Qualitative Growth: How effective am I?

Module 9
How to Connect and Engage with your Community: The Tools and Tactics of Social Media

Module 10
Church Content Marketing: How to master the art of “Re-purposing”

Module 11
Say It, Don’t Spray It: Ways to provide value without loosing your congregation.

Module 12
3-Year Plan: Go and Make Disciples

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