Getting your ministry at the top spot on Google. All without paying Google a dime.  

A few Churches that we help

“ is so easy to work with. Not only that, I am thrilled to see how well the program is working. I didn’t expect for us to spend as much as what we are spending with the Google Grant. Even more awesome is that 81% of our new members say that they find us through Google now!”

James Polits

Creative Director, Portland Christian Center

Free Money Through A Google Grant

The Google Grant is the best kept marketing secret for churches. But we are changing that and helping churches take advantage of it.

This grant is for non-profits, and it provides qualified organizations with up to $10,000 per month in FREE advertising dollars. Churches who are set up as a 501(c)(3) are able to take advantage of this unique opportunity to grow their church through Google’s search marketing platform (ie: Search Engine Marketing or AdWords).

While this is a tremendous opportunity for churches, it does come with very strict optimization requirements that churches must adhere to within their marketing efforts. To manage these requirements and make the most of the Google grant, churches must have a partner who is an expert in this field to make daily optimizations.

As a ministry leader, you are constantly searching for the best way to grow your church and reach your community. We’re here to help you get the grant and manage your Google Ads program.


You’re a growing church looking to
accelerate your momentum

It’s time to start getting more website visits, higher attendence to your events, increased giving, and more weekend visitors (online or offline) 

What are your growth challenges?



Are you unsure what to do or how do to it?



Are you wasting your money on pointless advertising?


Are you struggling to find time to manage your marketing?

How Does Search Engine Marketing Work?

1. People Search on Google for a Church


2. We Put Your Ad at the Top of Search Engine Results


3. Users Click on Your Ad to Go to Your Website


We Do Everything For You


Clarify Your Goals and Strategy

Start with your core objectives

Find the right keywords on Google

Find the people looking for churches on Google

Create All of The Ads

Create click-worthy ads to drive as much traffic to you as possible

Test - Learn - Scale - Repeat

Make the most out of your budget and deliver great results

Daily Optimizations to Maximize Results

Monitor and optimize your results daily

Custom Online Reporting Dashboards

Learn how it’s working and see insights and opportunities

REach More.
Accomplish More.
Stress Less.


We can give your potential visitors an effective and impactful first impression to gain more in-person and online visitors. 

3 Easy Steps to Awesome Results

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Schedule a time to talk with someone on our team. They’ll discover your specific goals and use this knowledge to guide our team to crush it for your ministry.
Step 2 - Speak With Our Success Manager
Once you sign your custom agreement, a Success Manager will set up a kick-off call and guide you every step of the way.
Step 3 - Our Team Gets to Work!
We will leverage our team of social media experts, proven formulas, and proprietary technology to start achieving great results.

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It's so refreshing to know that I have a team that gets our church and is putting 100% into getting us results.

Dr. Wayne Fry

Senior Pastor, Faith Christian Center International

They communicate and interact as if they were our very own staff from behind the computer. They even listen to our pastor's sermons and take quotes from it. They are reaching people with the love of Jesus in just the way we want to.

Gretchen Marlow

Administrative Pastor, Table Rock Fellowship

You have a heart for the people in your community.

Let’s get you in front of them.

You are a go-getter and on fire to grow your ministry to really make a difference in your community. You are either a Pastor, an Administrator, or an Associate Pastor. You probably have even had some success in growing your church so far. However, you realize that ministry has changed. Church growth is harder than ever because you are often losing more people than you are gaining. You have to be strategic, intentional, different, and creative to reach more people. People are searching for your church on Google, making it the #1 way to get new website visitors quickly.