So you’ve assembled an awesome video to promote your ministry, message or event and you can’t wait to get it in front of anyone who will watch. But wait, what about that last part? How can you get your video in front of people other than your colleagues, mom and your best friend? Well, you’ve come to the right place.  Read on for tips and tricks to increase those views!

  1. Find the right time to post
    When you post matters but these times can vary depending on the platform to which you post. Twitter, for example, sees better click-through rates at around noon and 6pm and Facebook gets 10% more activity on Fridays (source).
  2. Make sure you are hosting your video on your website at the right place
    Did you know that where you embed a video on your website affects its view count? By placing your video near the top of high traffic pages it becomes easily visible and encourages visitors to press play. Wistia ran tests on over 95,000 landing pages and came up with this awesome graph visualizing the importance of video location.Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 1.07.49 PM
  3. Pin your video on your social media channels
    Another way to leverage already existing audience is to take advantage of Twitter and Facebook’s pinned post feature. Pinning the post containing the video you are promoting keeps that tweet or Facebook post at the top of your feed making it the first thing visitors see on your timeline. Studies have shown that pinning a targeted post can increase conversions nearly ten times over!
  4. Promote your videos with a paid advertising program
    The good news, organic posts on social are the cheapest way to promote your videos and messages. The bad news, organic takes a lot of time and expertise to yield high visibility. To get results without watching all of your valuable time slip away it’s time to set up targeted paid campaigns. Both Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter allow you to set up campaigns with the ability to target your ideal audience and drive video views. Both platforms also allow you to set a daily budget and specific time frames to run your campaign that suits your budget. The key to working with paid campaigns is developing your audience persona, or demographic so that your target demo is specific enough to reach the right people without getting so overly specific that your audience is too granular and you lose out on potential views.

Do you want to make paid campaigns work for you? Do you feel like you would waste a ton of money doing it yourself? Get some expert help. 

As you can see, with some thoughtful adjustments and strategy you’ll be upping your video views left and right!

Digital marketing takes a lot of effort. You want to do it well.