Easter is the highest attended service of the year. Hopefully, you are thinking through promotions and reminding your audience when this day comes around every year. If not, here are some clear ways to get started.

  1. Focus on your imagery and make it consistent
    One quick way to rejuvenate your promotional presence is to make your imagery consistent across all of your platforms. Have an event logo? Make sure your profile images and cover photos match. This puts your event information front and center for visitors.
  1. Ensure you are using images with your social media posts
    Did you know that pairing a relevant image with your social post can increase the post’s views by up to 94%? (source) Use your social platforms to post daily or weekly countdown images leading up to your event. Remember to use images that are on theme with the message you are sending. Relevant imagery helps readers retain information.Need help with social media? We’re here for you!
  1. Video
    Social platforms are giving visual content more value in their algorithms. Creating a strong video is essential to maximize reach on social platforms while engaging followers and potential guests in a creative way.  As the amount of content online grows, audience attention spans have shrunk, so keep your video concise. Videos for event promotions are a short story; they should get the critical bits (who, what, when, where and why) out to the audience in two minutes or less.video analytics length
  1. A Passage A Day
    Another simple way to keep your feeds active and your followers up to date is by counting down relevant bible passages daily. Posting an easter themed verse with a countdown to the event will keep followers informed while cutting down on your time spent writing content. (source)

Easter comes every year, and with a commitment to leverage your feeds consistently over time, you can still make your promotion successful. Easter is an accessible holiday for visitors and non-regular attendees; encourage the congregation to invite their neighbors and friends.

Digital marketing takes a lot of effort. You want to do it well.